An international digital standard for waste management in and around real estate.

Transportation of waste and resources made smart, without taking the shortcuts.

Everything that could be
measured could be reduced.


Software that helps you

measure and reduce effectively.

User focused.
Connecting the dots.
Closing the loops.

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The three fundamentals

of the Wayoo system.

Tech - Hardware

We have extensively analyzed the challenges and problems around traditional waste management. With our Wayoo One* and Wayoo Two* module systems we digitally connect standard bins to our platform, enabling our services and thus eliminating the problems to forecast functional needs, surface use, and budget costs for waste management.
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Cloud - Software

We work with cutting-edge technology and are offering a full-service overview of all your important data connected to your waste management. Including material flows, filling levels, weight, co2, costs, reports, forecasts, and scope-3 linked to waste. By measuring your waste flows you get actual real data in real-time. This enables you to follow up on your set sustainability targets and goals.
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Just In Time - Pickups

With over 12 years of experience in transport and logistics, we’ve mapped out the most efficient ways of waste management. Pick-ups made ”Just In Time” improves timings by up to 85%. Our entire in-house vehicle fleet is fossil-free and we do take pride in delivering the best service to our customers while lowering the emissions produced.
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Closing the loop

Enables optimal recycling in and around real estate and improves your net operating income, makes tenants happier and contributes to the journey towards a climate-neutral property.
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Net operating income

Happy tenants

Making scope-3 measurable
with smarter recycling habits.
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Today's approach to managing reports is a manual and time-consuming process, and the standard template weights used produce false statistics and results.

We connect a platform, technology, and recycling services to perform ”Recycling Just In Time". This improves sustainability manager's opportunities to set goals, measure, follow up, report, certify, and attract and simplify green capital investments.

Measuring Scope-3 is a definitive competitive advantage and we enable real estate companies to get hold of Scope-3 data connected to all waste management in and around real estate.

We work with future-thinkers,
enterprises and startups.

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